Slow Cooker Crunchie Fudge

I got myself a teeny baby slow cooker, I had some vouchers for a particular store that sold household things. I wanted to choose something that would useful yet something I wouldn’t normally set out to buy and I came up with a tiny slow cooker. It’s for those little jobs instead of using my family size 6plus litre pot each time. Today I was browsing around the recipe pages and was inspired to make slow cooker fudge and I just knew my new pot would be perfect for it. I want to share my efforts it with you, it actually came out extremely well.


This is my own recipe adapted from several other fudge recipes.

400grams ScotBlock Milk Chocolate

1 tablespoon butter

1 can of condensed milk

2 broken up Crunchie bars. They not full size ones, multipack size.

1 additional broken up Crunchie bar for decoration

1.5 teaspoons vanilla essence


Melt everything except the vanilla essence and the decoration Chrunchie in your slow cooker on high. Once melted you can turn the slow cooker down to a lower heat if you like, I didn’t bother and it came out just fine but please be careful you don’t burn it. Oh, and do not put the lid on the slow cooker.

Keep stirring the mix, every 10-15 minutes is good and do that for 90 minutes. Transfer it into whatever dish you or mould you are going to use. At this point you can lick the spoon clean. Stick the fudge in the fridge and once it starts to cool you can press your third broken Crunchie bar into the top. As you may know Crunchie bar multipacks have four in them, if you are wondering where the forth Crunchie bar went, I had it with a cup of tea.

I discovered the perfect mould for the fudge just laying in a drawer. A while back I had a hair-brained idea that I was going to make some soap and I had bought a silicone soap mould. I never made the soap and always meant to pass the mould on, but didn’t. It is perfect for my fudge, gives good neat rectangles that I just needed to cut each one into four pieces.

If you are looking for nutritional information on this fudge then please don’t. You may need to pretend you didn’t really eat the million calories that are in it, I have discovered that if you don’t tell anyone you ate the calories then those calories don’t count.

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