Man Flu

We woke to a chilly day, there’s a sprinkling of snow everywhere and ice on the footpaths. Unfortunately we had to go out as Sol had an appointment for an eye test and needed to

We woke to a chilly day, there’s a sprinkling of snow everywhere and ice on the footpaths. Unfortunately we had to go out as Sol had an appointment for an eye test and needed to get new glasses. Sol has had a few vision issues in the past and previously had eye surgery, but she’s doing good now, there’s details of her surgery in the blog if you search.

We stopped at the local shopping centre on the way back and picked up some chicken for lunch and got a reduced price pudding. The pudding is fun, it’s just like Cadbury Creme Eggs, I cant wait to try some of it later.

Maggeo is sick, he has man flu, oops, I mean he’s not feeling well. He went into work at 7am this morning and was home by 9:30am. I’m not actually sure what’s wrong with him but he had himself draped over the sofa still wearing his coat and shoes, he seemed to take up all the space. I sent him to bed so hopefully he will be feeling better for later. He’s usually a good worker, it’s not like him to be ill, I hope whatever he has passes quick.

I made Rye bread today, the recipe is a little more complicated than my usual bakes. Here it is…

Amanda’s Rye Bread (makes a 2lb loaf)

160g Rye Flour,

400g wholemeal flour with malt flakes,

1.5 tablespoons Milk Powder,

1.5 tablespoons caraway seeds,

1.5 teaspoons salt,

1 Sachet yeast,

30g butter,

2.5 tablespoons pomegranate molasses,

400ml of warm water,

A few seeds to sprinkle on the top


Add all the dry ingredients into a large bowl, rub in or mix in the butter with your dough hooks.

Pour on the warm water and the molasses and using your dough hook mix it well until it’s all come together in the bowl. This bread mix won’t be smooth and elastic like your white breads. The mix will be sticky and will need a little more attention. Plop the mix onto a floured board and gently knead the dough for another few minutes till it is smoother and feels soft, it doesn’t feel heavy at this point and it will be sticky so use plenty flour on your hands. Let the dough rest for 45minutes in an oiled bowl covered with a clean tea towel, it will double in size. Rye flour on its own doesn’t give you a good rise so that’s why it’s mixed with the wholemeal flour. My bread ended up rising exceptionally well, however if you feel you want monster rise then exchange the wholemeal for white flour, you will still get your rye loaf but the texture will be much lighter.

After the 45 minutes is up your dough will be considerably larger, pop it back onto your floured work top and knock the air out of it. Just work with it for a minute or two and then shape it to go into your 2lb loaf tin. At this point I sometimes feel that this dough would work well into a 3lb farmhouse loaf tin, I don’t own one so I have never tried, but I’d be interested in some feedback because I really feel there’s stacks of dough. I cover my loaf again at this point and leave it to rise again, I found that this stage was only 30 minutes, not even as long as my whiter loaves would take. About 20 minutes to the second rise in I preheated my oven to 190 degrees.

When the oven was hot and I was satisfied that my bread is ready to be baked I sprinkled the surface with some water and stuck on some mixed seeds. I kind of wished I had made a cornflour wash today, but I didn’t have any and it really was an afterthought. The other alternative would have been a little butter brushed on after baking, but again I just lacked in some of those thinking brain cells today. After about 35 minutes I checked my bread and found it still needed a few more minutes to bake. You are waiting to hear that nice hollow sound when you tap it, and it can take up to 45 minutes. It’s safer to bake for a few minutes longer if you are unsure.

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