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The day started off as an uneventful day, just things around the house to do which mainly involved four large tubs of laundry. I got sick of the laundry in the later part of the morning so decided to go do errands instead. I had to put diesel in my car, and I needed to pick up some prescriptions so it gave me a purpose to head out into the cold. I called in at Home Bargains and bought some cereal. I also got this cute little candle holder, I have some new candles that can fit in it, but it’s pretty on its own as a little pot too. I also got new salt and pepper shakers plus a few herbs.

When I got back there was a parcel in the mail for me. Last week I had ordered what I thought was going to be tea plates from Amazon, they didn’t specify the size but the looked like tea plates. The plates are in fact tiny! You’d be able to put a muffin on one or a couple of biscuits, they are exceptionally pretty so I will keep them and not send them back. There’s two of each design.

As well as errands, shopping, gym visit and laundry I did manage to squeeze in some baking. All the bread I made on Saturday had been finished so the children needed something nice to make cheese and ham sandwiches from this afternoon.

Single Rise Oak Smoked Malted Bread

This bread is really easy to make, being single rise bread you don’t need to hang around waiting for it.

500g Stoneground Oak Smoked Malted Bread flour,

1 sachet yeast

1.5 teaspoon sugar

1.5 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon butter

300mls warm water

A sprinkling of oats

Plus I used a tiny amount of melted butter to glaze

Basically add all the dry ingredients together except for the oats, mix or rub in the butter then add in the warm water. Use your dough hook until the dough is nicely coming clean of the sides of the bowl. Finish kneading the dough by hand. I rolled the dough in the sprinkling of oats and shaped it straight into my 2lb silicone pan. This is the magic bit, as it’s wholemeal type flour you can get away with a single rise, if you want to prove and rise your dough twice then go ahead because I have done that also and it works well. After about an hour to hour and fifteen minutes your bread is ready to bake at 200C for 35 minutes. It should sound hollow when you tap it.

When I lifted the bread out of the oven I brushed on a very small amount of melted butter, less than I usually would for bread. It just gave it a nice glossy colour.

The crumb shot…

If you are curious about the interesting shape of some of my breads, it’s because I have some silicone 2lb bread pans. I have traditional pans too but I love the curved out shape I get using my silicone pans. See in the photograph how the middle is? The long shape definitely has give in it with the weight of the dough, it’s my go-to sort of pan for home use.

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