Fork Handles

Four candles, not fork handles like that Two Ronnie sketch we all love. Go and look on YouTube if you are wondering what I am talking about. My husband was working in a town about 30 miles away and there’s a decent shopping centre near it so he offered to take us and drop us off for an hour. We went, but only bought the four candles on sale, didn’t see any other sale bargains and I didn’t see anything else I wanted to buy that was full price either. We had KFC for lunch so the children were happy at least.

I’m also waiting for my new recipe no knead bread to rise, I’ll make a separate post for that when I eventually get it risen and baked. This is what the dough looked like this morning, you could almost see the little yeasty bubbles poking through.

This is some no knead dough mixed up for another day, maybe even tomorrow.

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