Sweet Scented Candles and No Knead Bread

This morning I met with a friend purely for company and shopping for candles. She had heard about a couple of stores that had a sale on large Yankee candles, the price was so cheap we couldn’t not go. I had two of my children doing practice exam papers which were two hours long, so it gave me an opportunity to have some time away as my other half was working from home and could supervise. So off we went, 22 miles to these stores and she cleaned up, quite literally. I got a few, but I wasn’t spending a whole stack of money as I am going to Antalya soon and I need to keep all my pennies for it, plus I am seriously considering a boob job and those babies are even more money. I did get these little votive candles, I love the sweet smell they have, plus my daughter Sol chose the Mango one.

I also got these tea light candles, I always buy them because Mag’s girlfriend bought me a beautiful glass to burn them in. Again that familiar sweet scent I usually go for …

I just love that glass holder so much, I use it all the time. My friend also bought me this cinnamon candle and gave it to me today as a gift all wrapped in pretty pink paper.

It’s a pretty wild afternoon here, cold, windy, wet, you name it we have it going on. The heating is on and there are meat pies in the oven for an early dinner. I also have thrown together some ingredients for a no knead bread, it’s going to sit and rise in the bowl for the next 18 hours or so. Wish me luck with it, if it rises well and bakes good I’ll share the recipe tomorrow along with the finished result photographs.

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