Plastic Surgery

For those who know me will not be surprised to learn I had plastic surgery. It was elective but in my opinion essential too. I had three osteoid osteomas and there was one in particular that was giving me issues. Osteoid osteomas are bone tumours which are usually harmless, but can be painful or a nuisance. I had one on my forehead, it was often sore and to me it looked dreadful. Every photograph I have of me it was just there, on my forehead, so proud of itself. Many photos of me had that area photo shopped to smooth out the lump, and more often than not I just didn’t share photos of myself so often. Strategically posed photos were normal for me. People would come up to me and say “oh dear, are you okay, you’ve bumped your head”, or even in a few cases the lump was likened to a unicorn horn. Then others would say “oh, you don’t notice it that bad, why are you having surgery?” Well, I decided to have surgery because the GP took it seriously when I said I was unhappy and also from a medical point of view they wanted to know if the lump was harmful to me or not.

So I had to have some examinations and a CT scan also to check the bone tumour hadn’t travelled to the inside of my skull and be near my brain. After getting the all clear from the scan I had surgery on the 13th January.

The first photo was taken on the day of surgery and the second also, but see how a photograph can hide a lot.

After a consultation with the surgeon we decided together that he would cut my scalp with a vertical incision to avoid all the facial nerves and go in with an endoscope. A little more complicated for him, but definitely worth it not to have a scar on my face. The stitches were barely noticeable also and by the time they came out after 11 days my incision was healed.

After my surgery I was pretty swollen and wore my black eyes with pride.

And the “NEW” me, I love my new look, no more lump.

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