Birthday Celebrations and A Few Cows

The youngest member of our household turned 12 this week. Sol is one of the most fun loving kids you have ever met. She just loves life and everything about it.
Sol loves Pokemon and her teddy called Lorraine.

I managed to get a cute cake for her from the local grocery store, they actually print the picture to go on the cake while you wait. You set it all on the machine and it gives you a receipt to go exchange for your design. Of course technically challenged me had to make it a difficult job, I did eventually get there.

Basically Sol has been on a high all week over her birthday gifts.

Then this morning, a few days on she's finally settling down. My husband was marshalling at a running event so we called round to keep him company for a little while. He was stood at a gate to a field of young cows. The cows decided to be nosey and come to say hello.

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