So Much Has Happened

So much has happened since my last entry.  I have had some pretty life changing events the last few years and my once enthusiastic blogging has dwindled.  I would be interested to hear from readers if they wish me to continue, or is the advice just to give up writing and move on to something else.

The biggest thing affecting me right now is my health.  A few months back, after a series of long term health issues I had major abdominal surgery.  After the surgery I started vomiting every day for two months and they discovered my oesophagus had closed over and there was only enough space to let me drink water.  I had two further procedures to stretch out my oesophagus and finally I stopped being sick.  After a huge amount of weight lost, which did me good, I am back to fighting fit.  I have a few little scars on my belly and a few emotional wounds but I am all good.  I can now enjoy food again, which it’s amazing how much you appreciate after being sick for so long after every meal.  

So back to real life. 

Yesterday morning (rather early) I was walking in my own home village and snapping some photographs. It always fills me with awe when I look how beautiful our local landscapes are.  I want to share with you, do you agree that it’s pretty? 

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