Can’t Go Wrong Christmas Cake Recipe

I have made this cake so many times I have called it Can't Go Wrong Christmas Cake. I try to make this at least a month in advance (I am making mine now), adding a few drops of your favourite tipple every week or so and the cake will be beautiful on Christmas day. Oh this recipe is my own version of Christmas cake so please give me a little link back to my site if you publish it. You can also swap out the rum and brandy for sherry or another drink you prefer. I sometimes use cherry brandy and that gives the cake an interesting twist.

Ingredients225g/8oz currants225g/8oz sultanas225g/8oz raisins175g/6oz glace cherries halved100g/4oz mixed peel100ml/4fl oz rum100ml/4fl oz brandy

225g/8oz butter softened225g/8oz rich dark brown sugar5 beaten eggs225/8oz self raising flour5ml/1 teaspoon ground cinnamon5ml/1 teaspoon mixed spice10ml/2 teaspoon vanilla essence2.5ml / 1/2 teaspoon of salt

Night before baking – place fruits in a large bowl.Add the rum & brandy and leave to soak over night. (the rum & brandy could be replaced with whiskey or sherry. I have used fino sherry the last few years and actually prefer it)

Baking daypre heat your oven to 275 F or 140 C.Grease and line a deep cake tin (8inches)Cut a circle of grease proof paper to match the top of your tin.

. Cream together butter & sugar

. gradually add the eggs, mix in a spoonful or too of flour if you find they start to curdle.

. Fold the flour, spices and salt into the mix then add the vanilla essence.

. Finally stir in the fruit and remaining liquid.

CookingSpoon the thick mixture into the cake tin and very gently place a circle of grease proof paper on the top, this is to stop the top from drying out during the lengthy cooking time.

Cook in the centre of the pre heated oven for between 3 – 3.5 hours. Skewer will come out clean to indicate the cake is cooked, you really need to keep an eye on this cake as it nears the 3 hour mark, I have made this in a different oven before and it baked more quickly.

Cool on a wire rack in the tin before turning out so that it turns out in one piece.

STORAGEOnce cool double wrap the cake in foil and place in an airtight container. Every 7 – 10 days unwrap the cake and drizzle over a couple spoons of your chosen alcohol and re wrap.

Just prior to Christmas you can decorate the cake as you wish or just keep it plain.

I usually boil up some apricot jam and brush the surfaces of the cake to make them sticky. Then decorate with ready rolled icing.

this cake is so nice you will actually need to make two!


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