Ocean In A Bottle

I guess this post is going to be a bit of a ramble. This week really has been a bit of a nothing week. I did a bit of crocheting, did some errands, worked on a craft project that I will share photos of later (it’s secret right now) and I worked on my shop a lot. My store is www.amandaanne.com, the link is at the top of my blog but really I’m not trying to promote it here, I want you to enjoy my blog. I got these little bottles in, they are so darn cute … We entitled them Part of the Ocean in a Bottle. Hard to explain but they are sort of gel stuff inside, I think and each bottle has a shell or two, some pearls and a bit of seaweed in them.

My cheeky husband texted me a picture of a magazine he saw in a newsagent today.

Is he saying he will leave me if we have triplets? I think not, he had noticed the bit that said pregnant at 49 and didn’t realise what he was saying till after I pointed it out to him. We got a laugh from it, after all I had three juicy follies last week so triplets is a possibility even if it’s a reach.


This weekend we need to go to a funeral, we lost a friend this week, it was a bit of a shock and not expected. We are also doing the garden and catching up on the laundry, sadly life goes on even though it can be cut short without warning.


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