A Work Of Art

I’ve been going to a doctor lately about my inability to conceive and carry a baby. Well I don’t really have issues conceiving but I did. I had surgery in December to clear scar tissue internally from an incident almost three years ago. As a result I fell pregnant once more in February this year, sadly I lost the baby a couple of months later and once again our family were devastated. Later today I am having a tracking scan, I’m receiving fertility assistance and I am praying I get a good result for my internal measurements and the amount of eggies that are getting ready to pop. Anyway, last time I went two weeks ago my doctor announced that I should be losing a little bit of weight. I had gained a few pounds from my pregnancy and being on steroids the last few weeks, I was aware that I was feeling decidedly more chubby than my usual level of chubbiness.

So, hubby and I decided we would do some clean eating for a while. We started Saturday last week and so far neither of us has faltered, which I am surprised about as diets are hard. It is hard to stick to any method of weight loss which means cutting back on the foods you usually enjoy. I know there is a bigger picture here as I want a healthy pregnancy and I guess that’s what’s driving me this time. I have lost seven pounds in about 10 days and other half has lost six pounds so “go us”.


In the mornings we are having fruit smoothies with oats and pro biotic yoghurt mixed in, I have to admit they are very tasty and the oats are keeping me full. However I was making my smoothie today and I realised that it looked like a work of art and just had to take a photograph.

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