Weird And Wonderful

We had a decent day yesterday. We had planned on getting up extra early and heading off on a little road trip. Other half was working somewhere near this large shopping centre we like so it worked out perfectly for us. We went shopping while my husband worked – perfect..

After the shopping we all met up and my husband took us to a near by garden centre.

On arrival there was a band loaded onto the back of a truck and they were playing music! It was a hoot as they were all electronic apes. If you want to see a 10 second video of the, playing I will try upload it, just let me know as I’m not sure whether you are interested or not.
This place was definitely not the average garden centre I’ve been to. It was room after room of pretty things and an extensive out door area as well as an aquarium fully stocked with lots of different fish and Terrapins. You name it, you can buy it.
We met this dude as I walked around.
On the way home we were making good time when disaster struck. We had hoped to get back mid afternoon because I had customer orders which had been coming in during the day, I needed to mail them and get them out the way. I did end up getting my mail done but I had to go to the main post office as they do a late collection.
We were driving at speed when a car pulled up beside us and signalled something was wrong. We thought it was strange and pulled over at the next safe spot. Realised then our tyre was almost flat and we couldn’t continue on our journey. My husband struggled to get the wheel off as the nuts were on so tightly so we called the AA. After a bit of a wait the AA man arrived with a super long wheel brace and even he struggled to get the wheel off the car. Eventually we got fixed up, and the guy was great by the way – three cheers to the AA.
Our tyre was ruined, apparantly it must have had a raised spot which wore away first and then the rubber got thin and rage wires exposed … who knows but we were lucky it wasn’t the front tyre as it would have blown out.


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