Woodland Walk

Tuesday! Shirked off Monday and I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to get out of the house. Then I glanced at the sky and decided not too; it was dark and dreary. So I went about my business around the house, packed a couple of orders and basically just goofed about doing odds and ends. Then I remembered I had to pick up a shortfall in my prescription meds, so realised I did have to go out after all. I figured weather or no weather we may as well go out and have a nice morning regardless.


We stopped at Tesco and got a few nice things for a little picnic lunch: drinks, strawberries, crackers and cheese. We decided to head off to a wooded part area I had often looked at from the road as I passed. It was about 15-20 minutes drive from the supermarket and chemist shop so it really wasn’t an issue getting there. On arrival it started to rain, we ended up eating early lunch in the car. That was okay, it was as if the clouds knew we were waiting to go walking because the sun came out shortly after and off we went for our walk. The woodland park was beautiful and we spent quite a lot of time enjoying looking at the old trees. Some of the trees were obviously hundreds of years old, and they were tagged presumably for some conservation reason.

After our walk the three youngest children went home happy and intent, so much so they left me alone to do some of my grown up things like catch up with work in my shop etc.

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