Happy Birthday To The Queen

Happy Birthday to our long reigning queen, HM Queen Elizabeth the second. The queen has two birthdays, lucky her but today’s the day we celebrated her 90 years of life.

Our village association planned a day of activities which was a huge picnic, happy birthday then lots of fun things to do. Of course it rained! And it rained some more. Whole lot so everyone had to cram into a little community hall. We still did herb gardening, sea creature crafts, poppy making etc. I know the numbers who attended would have much more had the sun been out but I guess it is what it is and everyone just made the most.

After the afternoon wore on the rain cleared a little and the children were able to “catch a duck” I’m the paddling pools. The highlight of the afternoon was the crab fishing off the harbour. There were several dozen people who participated and squeals of laughter was heard from children and adults alike. One family caught eleven crabs by throwing a crab line over the wall into the water, we weren’t so lucky and just got one!

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