Recipe Taco Bake


Taco Bake (Nacho Bake)

This is my own version of Nacho Bake. You can use flavoured Nachos if you like but my children are a little fussy so I just put plain ones in or sometimes broken taco shells because I know it will get easier eaten. I trust that no matter what you use this recipe will be on your list of 'must make again' for ever more.


Mince – a large pack, you don't need an exact amount …just whatever size suits your family.
8 Soft tortilla wraps
lots of grated cheese (any sort)
2 generous tablespoons of taco seasoning (see my own recipe)
Large dollop of ketchup
12 taco shells broken or nacho chips
also chopped peppers, sliced mushrooms, or a jar of jalapeno peppers. (whatever your tastes are).


First of all brown your mince in the frying pan, this helps to keep the flavouring sealed in.
Once your mince is browned all over add your taco seasoning and a cup of water. Actually you may need more water depending on how much mince you use or how moist you like your bake.

In a large oven proof dish layer 4 of the tortilla wraps. I tear mine up into small pieces to make them easier to serve.
then pour on a layer of mince, followed by a layer of veggies of your choice (peppers, mushrooms). Now a generous layer of cheese. Next layer is the tortillas again followed by the mince and veg once more. Layer on a thick layer of tomatoes (or salsa).

Now the final layer is the fun bit. Pour on your broken taco shells and finally top with lots and lots of cheese.

Bake this in a hot oven for 20/30 minutes or until it is cooked how you like it.

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