Breakfast Wraps Recipe


Breakfast Wraps

Well the story of these wraps are a bid to ensure my husband eats a healthy yet substantial breakfast. He never seems happy with a 'normal' breakfast so I spent time experimenting in making little breakfast packs for him. Initially I would wrap a sausage and a couple rashers of bacon for him to cook in the morning, he would add tomatoes and whatever he found in the fridge. Through time he got greedy and was eating two of these packs at each sitting, and before I knew it he was eating a full meal early in the morning on top of the family meals I would cook later in the day. He is a sort of 'see it and eat it' sort of guy. Dinner times are sometimes challenging as he is never happy with just what is on his plate, he always goes to the fridge and slathers dinner in sauces, mayos and other condiments.

Okay back to the recipe, I came up with these wraps hoping that they contain sufficient food for my husband and yet not be overly unhealthy.

This is a bulk make recipe, sufficient for 16 breakfasts.


16 tortilla wraps
a pack of bacon cooked and chopped – I used cooking bacon which is half the price of normal bacon and is much nicer. It is the 'tail ends' of the bacon sliced in the factory and more often than not is from a premium bacon.
15 eggs scrambled in a pan with some milk
potato bread (optional)
mushrooms chopped up small and cooked lightly in a little butter and soy sauce
a small block of cheese grated
sauce or salsa (optional)

You could use sausages, ham, tuna or in fact anything that you fancy. You could also add thinly sliced peppers but in this case I didn't have any in my fridge so I didn't.


I microwaved the wraps for a few seconds to make them more pliable.
Sprinkle on some of the scrambled eggs.
Top the eggs with the mushrooms, potato bread, cheese and whatever else you have as a filling.
Wrap the filling in the tortilla wrap and tightly wrap in a cling film package.

Freeze the packages until you need them. Simply lift a wrap out of the freezer the night before you need it and in the morning microwave in the wrapper for a minute or so depending on your microwave strength.



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