Just What Is So Special About The Rings In My On-Line Shop

I really don't intend on this blog to be a sales piece for my store but there are certainly times when I just want to share something with you. I will do it now and just leave it at that.

What Is So Special About Amanda Anne Rings?

What is really so special about our branded rings?

We keep going on about how good they are, but what makes them different from other rings?

Surely all fashion rings are the same?

They aren't, that is the bottom line.

Not all rings that are created are created equal.

Every stamped ring that you purchase from us goes through a meticulous visual inspection and most new style rings that we have selected have been tested under tough circumstances. Those tough circumstances have included 24 hour wear, laundry, gardening and tough chores around the house. We are definitely NOT recommending that you treat your lovely new ring like this. You have to understand that all the girly product testers get to wear something pretty for a while, purely for research purposes of course. Once each style of ring has endured many hours of hard labour, it is ready to be catalogued and listed in our store. Of course we won't sell you one of the used rings, they are kept for 'research purposes' by our girly product testers and tested some more. Only when our branded rings pass these strict endurance tests then we list them in our store, as we want you to have only the best.

What makes our branded rings so tough? It is the thickness of the silver plate. Our branded rings are identifiable as showing a stamp inside. They are plated with extra thick hard wearing silver over a high quality base metal. Occasionally we stock white gold plated and platinum plated rings too, these are a little bit extra special. Not your average costume jewellery ring you can buy on the high street.

Anyone who buys a ring from us will experience great service from the outset; pretty packaging and a cute little care pack that comes with your ring to help you maintain the beautiful girly item you chose to treasure.

You can see for yourself how girly and pretty our rings are, you never know what you might find instore. Click here to see!

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