Craft Project Picnic Basket

Last week when we were clearing the garage we came across this rather large basket with handles. The garage, by the way, has been a total mess for many years. It is an issue, too many kids bikes, too many old toys, books, animal stuff, not to mention all the work stuff that other half has collected over the years. The basket was dirty so I put it under the shower a couple of times and washed it with soap then dried it’s in the sun. Probably the wrong thing to do for wicker but that’s what it did. If anyone knows the correct care then please post a comment, I’d be interested to know as I found two more smaller baskets that are just eeewww.

After the first wash, I put the basket out to dry and later I discovered that the basket had grown a tail.

And a nose

After another couple of scrubs the basket was more respectable …

Then I looked on eBay and found some canvas say type cotton fabric with a nautical theme to it, which is very appropriate for where we live.

The end result is this …

I am very pleased with how the basket turned out and now it has transformed into a large picnic basket suitable for a family of six (us). Just so happens we are part of a big event this coming weekend where the community come together for a huge picnic. My husband is one of the organisers and I know there will be lots to do that day. Apparantly the life boat people are coming down and Ulster Wildlife are doing a rock pool safari for the kids, along with tradiontal games that were played in years gone by we will be singin happy birthday to the Queen.

I guess now I need to go shopping for some food!

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