A Special Ring

All the rings I get to look at and handle are for other people so it's nice when I get one for myself. I have lost some weight and once again my wedding ring has gotten a bit lose and now when I wear it slips off easily. I wanted another ring I could wear for now until my husband decided to either get me a new one or I could alter my wedding ring. Apparently my wedding band can't be altered easily because there's a pattern engraved into it. It wasn't particularly expensive at the time, as we were really hard up when we were married, but it is special none the less. My new ring, albeit a temporary replacement, had to be special too. I saw, quite by accident, a ring with part of the footprints poem engraved on it and knew that's he one for me. There are footprints around the outside and phrase from the famous poem engraved on the inside. The poem is fitting for my life just now too so it really has a double meaning.




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