Gargoyles Going Conkers At The Cathedral

This pretty much nailed it for being the best day of the week. We travelled to a city called Armagh with three of the children, it is the oldest city in Ireland and it is home to two cathedrals and a whole bunch of gargoyles. We had looked on the Internet and learned that there was modern day gargoyles hidden all over the city. They are made from bronze and each one poses in a different manner, some hidden and some more obvious than others. The children had fun trying to figure out where the gargoyles were hidden, needless to say we didn't find so many.

There are two cathedrals in Armagh, one is the Roman Catholic cathedral and the other is Church of Ireland. We visited St Patrick's Cathedral (Roman Catholic), we will visit the other one next time we go. It was breathtakingly beautiful, every inch of that building was hugely detailed. The walls floor to ceiling were made from mosaiced tiles and there were a lot of stained glass windows and detailed carved statues. I feel a picture paints 100 words in this case




“Hello, anyone in there?”


I am so thankful the weather was good to us, we a managed to stay dry the whole day which for Northern Ireland is a bit of a novelty. Our little feet are tired tonight as I reckon we walked around 5 miles over the course of the afternoon. Needless to say the children will all sleep well tonight (I hope).


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