The best Job

I have currently got the best job. I just opened a little store, nothing fancy but everything in it is pretty and girly. It's new, and I have been working hard getting it organised and ready for the opening tomorrow. Previously I sold baby things and was a power seller on eBay and sold privately through local adverts. Always cute stuff but I'm branching out into girly things now, however I'm going to get back to the baby things once the girly stuff is up. I have about 80 lines added and another 177 lines to go – whew.

Here it is

Anyway, the point to this is I am very lucky. I get to handle and admire all the pretty things that we have in the store. I have tried on so many rings this week I am positively envious of anyone who gets to own one.

For example this ring … It is just gleaming and pretty and dainty, all in one.


And this ring …. Oh my word!
Not to mention the fact the whole family is now totally inspired to do girly things this week it has been a totally rewarding experience.




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