We are foodies in our house, there's no escaping it, we just are. We aren't the skinny family, but we are okay as we try to look after ourselves between these lovely home cooked meals. We are rather partial to fruit smoothies which sometimes I make with frozen mangos and somehow manage mimic the consistency of Macdonalds milk shake. Anyway, one of our favourite dishes are pies in our house. Any sort of pie so long as it's home made will do.

We made HAM & CHICKEN PIE yesterday. There is no exact recipe but this is how I make it.

Ingredients on no particular order
I used 3 chicken breast fillets
1 tin of ham
stock made with Oxo stock concentrate (any will do)
pouring cream single or double
Pastry – you can either use shortcrust or puff – I did shortcrust on the bottom and puff on the top which is my favourite pie combo.

First of all I cooked the chicken breasts in the oven (just cooked and no more) leave them to cool while you prepare the rest

Roll out the shortcrust pastry base and put it on a greased pie dish.

I chopped up the ham and chicken and put them in a sandwich bag along with 2 or 3 spoonfulls of flower, plenty of pepper and some herbs. I gave them a good shake until the ham and chicken were really well coated.

I chopped the mushrooms up small (simply because my kids say they dont like mushrooms – what the eye cant see and all that)

Put the ham chicken mix in the pie dish and sprinkle the mushrooms over.

Melt a good knob of butter and pour it over the chicken and mushrooms on the pie dish.

Then pour on a little cup of stock – you need to just use your judgement here you don't want your dish to over flow nor do you want your pie to dry out either.

Finally I put the pastry lid on the pie. Before you put the pie in the oven make a couple of slits in the top. Glaze what ever way you wish.

When the pie is cooked use a little funnel or jug, using the slits in the pie pour in some cream. Go slowly and carefully tilt the pie in different directions to make sure the cream has spread.

Leave the pie to sit for a few minutes while you dish up your veg and potatoes …. when you cut the pie it will be lovely!




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