Make Yourself At Home, Cat

I was strolling about the town two weeks ago with my children, we were there to buy some books and school supplies. We hadn't been in he town for a while so we decided to take a walk round, we passed the Elim charity shop and spotted a dining table through the window. The table looked great so it drew me in for a closer look but on inspection I didn't like the table as much so decided not to consider buying it. The Elim shop is filled with furniture old and new, it's cheap and of course the money all goes to a good cause. After looking at the table my eye was drawn to the next isle where I spotted a pretty wooden crib which had a mattress and a blanket in it all made up. The woman told me it had been overlooked so many times no she couldn't understand why it hadn't sold, she told me she would take it home soon and put it in her spare room. It really caught my eye and as my husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully for pregnancy for two and half years, I just told myself that I could dream but the crib could never be mine. I went home and told my husband about the crib, he urged me to call he store and go back to buy it. He said that we have pregnant friends who might enjoy it and they can use it until we need it. I guess at that point I justified it also saying we could sell the crib if we were never blessed again. As it turned out our friends didn't want the crib, they already had something they could use, so we ended up keeping it and I put it in our bedroom. Our two daughters have played with the crib endlessly, it has been a real source of enjoyment for them. It was bitter sweet for me but, oh well, that's how things go.
The crib has been the source of fascination by our cat. He has walked round the edges multiple times and slept under it, jumped in and out, basically being an inquisitive cat. I wasn't overly worried as we had no purpose for it apart from letting the girls play dolls with it. Eventually the cat decided that the crib was the most comfortable place in the house. The girls decided then to put toys in the crib so the cat couldn't lay in it, but the clever animal pushed them aside.
It's a funny old world, our lives have been dictated by my infertility issues the last couple of years. I've had two surgeries and countless treatments. Last August I was told by a doctor that I will never conceive again and I am too old and too damaged. I refused to accept that diagnosis and changed doctors the following month to pursue my diagnosis further. I fell pregnant twice since seeing this new doctor but sadly both times I lost the pregnancies before they even began. However just this week I have discovered I'm pregnant again and it seems to be a strong pregnancy with all the right signs. Two weeks ago we bought that crib not knowing what could happen, and now look where it has taken us.


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