Happy New Y’EAR’

So the new year has already been busy for us. There's nothing like a little bit of trauma and drama to keep us on our toes. Sol had been complaining of earache for quite some time. I had taken her to the doctor at least twice and one of those times came away with antibiotic drops and a referral for a hearing test. We haven't had the hearing test appointment through yet, but that is not really relevant. The doctor had looked into her ears both times and had said there was nothing wrong. Sol had become increasingly distressed especially when low range noises were near her. Strange sounds like someone chewing or making a kissing noise, she would get really upset and expressing how much pain they cause her. I decided the other day to look in her ears with the otoscope and what I saw surprised me. I could see at least two spherical things in one ear alone and the other had something in it too. I couldn't understand how he doctor had missed this, surely it would have been obvious to her as it was still me. Long story short we ended up seeing an on call ENT doctor at the hospital in the city. He had a look in and also was amazed at the contents of Sol's ears. He suctioned out several pieces of grit. I recognise those from the coarse sand of Lloret, we visited there back in September! The grit was in her ears all that time, no wonder she's sore. A couple days have passed now and Sol is still in pain despite the doctor saying her ears were clear, looks like another trip to ENT is on the cards early in the week.


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