Be Prepared

It amazes me how much preparation goes into Christmas. I don't mean our family because we do very little prep, it just seems to happen in our house. We don't get caught up in the frenzy.

Last Sunday, as I was leaving church I bumped into someone I knew. The girl, mother of three children all age 10 and up. I asked her how she was doing and her reply stopped me in my tracks. She bent over, clutched a pew, shook her head, while doing so her eyes looked as though they might fall out of her head. She just said “manic”, and stared. I leant back and sheepishly nodded in agreement. Though I was agreeing, I wasn't really, inside I was as cool as a cucumber, but there was no way I was sharing that. I think she might have blown a gasket at my laid back attitude if she had caught a glimpse of it with those bulging eyes. I am not sure if there's even a moral to this story, I just saw something that day that made me never want to go down that path. I have more children than her, and in the month of December I did not once set foot in a crowded supermarket. I just floated through the month and the big day just happened. Just as well I guess because I spent a few days recuperating. The children were happy with their gift boxes which were stuffed full of things that I knew they'd like. They had made no demands and the, best, most appreciated gift was a plastic loom received by Sol. She has not put that darn thing down since she got it, why do you really need to stress about Christmas when a £10 present gives as much joy as £100 gift.

The day itself was a laid back affair for us but Boxing Day was a different matter I guess. We had chosen to have our main meal on the day after so the family could be together on Jesus's birthday instead of being split off into various cooking and preparation chores. The day after was relaxed, everyone knew we were having guests and everyone did a chore or two. Hubby and I worked in the kitchen and we served for nine only 20 minutes later than planned. The meal was good, we had for a turkey crown from the butcher and everything else was just regular food which we keep in anyway. Good food and good company made the day, I think had I stressed it then it would have taken the shine off it all.

So that brings me to today, the day after Boxing Day. It's all over, 364 days till we do it again. I have 364 days to plan and prepare, if I can't prepare for one single day in that time then there is definitely an issue. Same day, same thing, year in year out. Just get your thinking hat on and you won't be so stressed next year, make a list, follow it and remember the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.


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