Winter Scarves And A Big Sleep


I had my surgery on Monday past, it was okay, I slept through it. I didn't have much pain in the following days, really nothing that left me feeling unable to cope. Recovery has been uneventful and that I am thankful for. However it has brought up a whole new tide of emotions and I've shed a few quiet tears this week. It has been two years to get to this point and I do have to remind myself how far I've come in that time, but it's still hard. Christmas is a painful reminder of who is missing in your life as well as being a time to celebrate. We are going to have a busy house over the next week or so, it's going to be a challenge for me.


On a lighter note I have been creating things while on my period of rest this week. I made a Christmas stocking, in a single colour at the request of the recipient I might add.


I have made myself a lovely long scarf that I can double and pull through, none of my other scarves can do that. I also made my friend a scarf for a Christmas gift shhhhhh.





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