Crochet Queen In Hospital

I've learned a new skill. I have only waited 45 years but I finally learned how to crochet. I always wanted to know how, and knitting just seems too complicated with two needles to contend with rather than a single, harmless looking hook. I have a dear friend who crochets blankets for all her friends. As I watched her masterpieces increase in size and come to be completed I realised that she must get a whole lot of job satisfaction from it all. When she hands the blanket over to her unsuspecting recipient it is just magical, each blanket design carefully thought out and colour schemes spot on for each person's taste. Every blanket I saw, I just wished I could do that too. Well, I did it, I learned. Just about a month ago I came across this girl on YouTube, she seemed rather wacky but as I watched her tutorial videos I realised she was a great teacher. I had watched numerous videos before with no success, this time was different. I picked up an old crochet hook and some yarn that was laying about and I started. Since that day I have crochet every single day, each day I am getting better. And today I started crocheting a pretty dress with frilled sleeves.


So while I've been passing my time with a hook and some yarn my family have been getting excited for the season. It is almost Christmas and as everyone knows kids just love it. I like be seeing the children's faces on the big day but we never forget the real reason why we celebrate. We also don't forget others and donate some gifts and food to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. The real joy is from giving and not necessarily receiving, though it's nice to receive too.


Last year you may have read I had some surgery on Christmas week and spent some time over the festive season recuperating. Well, I've only gone and done it again, after an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday I am scheduled for an operation on Monday afternoon. It's either the regrowth of previous scarring internally or scarring that was missed last time, or both because I'm certain that I had a number of adhesions left inside. The operation won't be so bad, I am having a general anaesthetic I won't feel a thing. Strangely I am looking forward to being laid up, an excuse to sit and do some more crocheting. Wish me luck though, I am needing some plus some prayers for a smooth procedure and recovery if you can spare a moment.



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