13 The Age Where You Know Almost Everything

Happy Birthday

13 is a huge age! Well, actually it's not but if you listen to Toni it is. She looked forward to turning 13 for months!

“Why?” Because this newly turned 13 year old girl had asked us every day for almost a year to have her nose pierced.

And before you ask we said yes. We went back and forth for months over whether or not we would give permission for the piercing. To be honest, I'm not in love with it and I doubt I could have my nose pierced. But that is me and I am not Toni. We argued that she might regret it but she counteracted saying she could remove the piercing. We mentioned it to the in laws and they were horrified what people might think or say. We talked about if she had a cold but she claims it's okay when you are sick too. Toni's continued requests and research on the internet proved to us this was something she had thought long and hard over.

It wasn't so bad, her eyes watered and it was a bit sore for a few days. She has changed out the piece you see in the photo for a more discrete piece of jewellery and we all survived. No one has judged her badly and her face isn't terribly disfigured either. I guess as an adult we have different views to a teen but I understand that teens are people too and are at a point in life where they re formulating their own opinions and can make some choices for themselves.

September was also a difficult month for our family also. Birthdays are good and fun but Toni's 13th birthday is also the anniversary of when my own mum passed away. I am absolutely sure, without a doubt that Toni was also 'the favourite' grandchild, although you are not allowed to say that but she loved Toni the best. In a sad, twisted sort of way it was almost fitting that it was Toni's birthday she passed on so no one could forget and least of all Toni.

This month also marked the second anniversary of the passing of our twins. We were in the Parish Church of Sant Roma in Lloret at the time listening to rehearsals for the local music festival when there was opportunity to light a candle for our babies. The whole thing was a moving experience while the choir's voice echoed through the sanctuary.


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