DVD Lunch

The last while has been a whirlwind of issues for our family but I think we are coming through them.

We seem to have resolved all our issues with our eldest, who incendetally is almost 19 – eek. He's grown up a lot the last while and I guess recent events in his work place has caused that. He helped families after a recent major incident where a lot of people were killed and injured, he saw their pain first hand. Dealing with these families hit home to him, and such a fast way to grow up I guess, not something I wish upon anyone but it can't be helped. We are very proud of what he did and I would like to think that he made a difference for some.

Work has continued in our house while we currently have to address an issue with a floor where it has dropped an inch or two. We are concerned about an underlying problem as this floor had previously collapsed and all new joists installed approximately 10 years ago. Clearly there is an ongoing problem as this is the second time the floor has gone, though the floor hasn't collapsed yet, it probably would if left. The insurance company have decided they won't pay out so we are looking to get back to the mortgage company who arranged the original building quality assessment. It is a structural issue that should have been notified to us when we purchased the house, however ultimately I can see that we are going to have to pay out to get it fixed properly.

Today was a bit of a disaster in some ways. We had planned on having lunch in our favourite restaurant but when we got there it was closed. We headed to another place only to discover that we had just missed the lunch time session and they stopped serving also. On their recommendations we went to an American style diner just down the road from them. Well it wasn't great, the food and drinks were over priced for what it was. Ah well, we got out and that I am happy for.


A thing that made me smile today is our youngest boy. The youngest son decided he was going to check out an old laptop I have, now when I say old it is old. He was fascinated by the old operating system on it and was delving into to all the folders and exploring. He then asked what the DVD Rom did! Made me laugh as I he didn't know, I guess it's no surprise as everything is digital now and he has an iPad. Seb has been sat all afternoon watching Sherlock Homes on DVD on the old laptop.



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