Learn Something New Every Day

Today didn't turn out exactly how I had anticipated but it has ended okay and I'm looking forward to a sound sleep and a lie in tomorrow morning.

I still own the house we used to live in, but a number of years ago we had to get a bigger house because we got too many children. This week we have had painters in and they painted the house throughout, did a decent job too. The final thing to do was the kitchen and that is a challenge. Over the past 15 years or so we have replaced all the windows and doors, replaced the boiler and heating system, put in a new bathroom and added PVC guttering etc. The house was done except the original kitchen from when it was built. It is just time! Anyways the story goes… I was having the kitchen guy in to measure up the kitchen as he did the one in my own house before Christmas. When was leaving I said to him in jest that I was looking for someone to rent the house and move in. As luck would have it he remembered that his niece was looking for a place to live as she is in the city currently. They called me ten minutes after he left and she took the house that very afternoon, so that was just pure luck. We are Going to be getting the kitchen in but as her dad and uncle own the kitchen place they are going to do us a good deal and put in a great kitchen. I spent almost the entire morning just doing things with regard to the kitchen and our prospective new tenant.

This afternoon was a different matter altogether. I've been having trouble with one of my back teeth, it's painful a lot of the time and I had a big filling done in it a few weeks ago. I made an appointment for next Tuesday but the dentist called saying that they had a cancellation for this afternoon which I gladly took. Well, turns out I needed to have root canal treatment done. It wasn't much fun that's all I can say, my and anaesthesia do not mix. I have always had trouble getting numb at the dentist and up until now I had always thought I was being over dramatic about it all. When I had my cancer scare surgery in December they had the same issue, they couldn't get me numb and I ended up having the surgery with entenox as my back up pain relief as I wasn't fully numbed. Anyhow my dentist told me today that it has now been proven that some people have a gene which means they are harder to anaesthetise. There's a correlation between people who carry the red head gene and this issue, though I haven't got red hair I am guessing I must carry it. So there's something interesting I learned today and at least I don't need to feel like such a baby when I'm complaining about dental treatment.


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