Kitchen Love

I have had barely any internet this past week and been particularly busy. The big news is that I just replaced my kitchen, it's not finished yet but we are almost there. The old kitchen was brown wood and the cupboard doors were all hanging at an odd angle, I believe it was 25 years old so it was well over due. I have gone for high gloss cupboards in white and high gloss red work top, which I know is a very brave move but it works. My friends were none impressed when I said I was getting red tops but I ignored their stifled guffaws and did it anyway. The floor is down and now I need to get the walls tiled so that's probably the last big thing. Here's the before and after pictures of one corner, you can see the huge difference. There's still the long kick board to go in underneath so ignore that bit. In summary, I am totally in love with it and can't wait to get the finishing touches added.

The kitchen has brought me great joy, however I wish I could be sharing some better news about my biopsies. I had three taken on Tuesday last week, the doctor said she thought visually everything looked okay and that would be the end of it. She told me how they would re-check in 12 months and if all was well I would have the all clear. Well I guess she was wrong. You know when they ring you on your mobile phone instead of mailing the results out then you are entitled to worry. She told me that surprisingly on a scale of mild, moderate, or severe that my results have came back as severe. She went on to say that I'm booked in on Tuesday to have the whole area lazered off and more tests done. Do you think I am relaxed about it all? Of course not, I know that eventually everything will be fine, but I am still scared to death over it all. I wish I didn't have to think about it all the time, it's there at the front of my mind and I'm conscious of yet another Christmas spent worrying and upset over things.

Yesterday was pretty much a lost day for me, the previous day I had got a flat tyre so I took it yesterday to get repaired. Apart from that I didn't achieve much, I hate that sort of day when you look around and see nothing done. However today isn't any better, but perhaps down time is good after working solidly for the past couple weeks. Then tomorrow, I'm planning on taking the children and a friend into the city to the continental market. My friend hasn't been before, she has only been here since the summer time and is just finding her way about so I'm looking forward sharing new experiences with her.


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