Keeping Warm

Last night was awful, I got myself so frightened I threw up. Then during the night, about 5 am I was sick again, it was the worst anxiety I had for a long time. The hospital I went to for my biopsy was not a local one, apparently because they couldn't get me in soon enough I was transferred from my local one to this one. It was well over an hour drive away and it meant I had to take the youngest three children with me. My husband met me there and he took the kids for a drive while I was in. I had to wait ages till I got seen which just added to the nervousness I had. The whole procedure was horrid, I wish I could say it wasn't. I get the absolute privilege of doing it all again in a week or two because they actually didn't take the biopsies. They found an area which looked suspect but because I am in the “two week wait” they wouldn't take samples. I was a bit annoyed as they had got this far and painted all sorts of crap and dye onto my suspected areas so why not just take a little scraping of cells? I doubt very much I would actually be pregnant, and from what I've read it can be done in pregnancy if this were the case. The whole thing has upset me as I don't do procedures too well emotionally, I was hoping to get it all behind me and now it's not.

On a different note … do you like my scarf? I got it on amazon and it wasn't too expensive, it's an infinity scarf so you just loop it round, however it's extremely warm and I'm looking forward to using it.

I've been trying to eat healthier lately, and am seeing the results already. I am pleased to say I've lost 12lbs, I won't tell you my starting weight, but I really needed to lose it. I can't wait to fit back into my old clothes again, with all the pregnancies this year I had let the ball drop and a few pounds have crept on each month. I was so skinny, even when I was pregnant with the twins, it made me feel bad when I couldn't get into my old jeans, so I knew I had to do something. I've been trying to walk a lot too, it's hard to get those miles in some days but I try my best. I enjoy walking a lot, and the weather has been kind to us so I will continue while I can then I will have to get the treadmill dusted off.


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