Halloween was fun for the children. We went to a little event on Thursday night where they were able to do crafts and pay in a bounce house which had disco lights in it. The children took one of their little friends along too and they all dressed up as cats. They pretty much spent the weekend acting like cats which is actually quite fun to watch. Halloween is not such a big thing here where I live, we tend to do it on a mini scale compared with our USA friends. We would half heartedly dress up, throw a little token party for our kids and if we are lucky might partake in some apple bobbing games. We don't really do the whole trick or treating thing or decorating the house. One fun thing we did do on Saturday, with the children and their friend, was a doughnut eating competition, inspired by the fact they were all cats we invited them to eat a doughnut without using their hands. Now, that was fun and they all had sticky icing all over their faces and hair!

Putting aside all the fun and games this weekend I am (probably) disproportionately worried over my biopsy tomorrow. The date has come round rather fast and now it's here I don't want to go through with it. I feel like a big baby when I say I am so frightened I actually want to throw up. My stomach is in knots and I can think of nothing else, but of how awful it could be. In reality it's probably over in the blink of an eye and relatively painless, however I don't know that for sure and it's making me afraid. I have only told the world on this blog plus two people in real life, I kind of wish I had shared with a couple of friends but it's too late now. This time tomorrow it will be over and I should have the all clear.


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