Silence Is Golden

In the background I can hear the tumble dryer going, the washing machine whirring, the cat meowing and the children giggling instead of sleeping. My head is buzzing with all this noise yet it's kind of peaceful as I am sat in the room alone while I'm thinking of something remotely interesting to write.


I never knew there was so much to think about with kitchen installation. I'm glad I don't do this every day that is one thing, it is hard having to chose everything from scratch. I am not complaining in that sence, I am very lucky to be doing this but I also know whatever I pick I will have to live with. So today I looked at two tile shops and ended up coming home with five samples all around the correct shade that I want. However, how do you chose between the five? What do you think?


So as you can see my morning was dictated by the choices of tiles. The kitchen is being installed on the 17th November and the floor on the 21st if I pick something. I cannot wait to do before and after photos and share them with everyone, I can't wait to just get it done.

On my return today I collected a friend's little girl and brought her to our place. She and my youngest daughter are inseparable, they are just a little tag team together. At one point I looked out of the window and I saw them raking up the fallen leaves in the garden. I sat watching them and thinking how great it was that they were raking up and making the place tidy, then at that point I saw them take each other by the hands and jump into the freshly raked pile. It was really sweet to see them hand in hand and equally as funny to learn that they weren't being so tidy after all. Ah well, I guess I still have to rake leaves when I get round to it. Afterwards they made Halloween drawings at the table and flitted from thing to thing for the rest of the day until the girl's mother arrived to collect her. I'm guessing they had a great time as the two of them just stood and hugged for what felt like an eternity when they were saying goodbye.



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