Dear Diary

What a busy couple of days! No matter how busy you are you should always try to start the day on a good footing. It's a good positive idea to start the day off with prayer. Pray for people you know and people you don't, just pray. Not only does it help others but it puts you in the right frame of mind for going out there and facing the world. Many times we get so caught up in our own stuff and forget about other people and how they are doing.

Thursday was pretty much a lost day for me. I had to pick up our plans for the new kitchen then collect my neighbour's child from the bus station. I spent the afternoon at home playing mentor to a bunch of noisy kids who were running up and down my hallway. It's was fun, my children are very talented and have made music videos and a couple of scary Halloween sketches. That was after I mopped the floor for them to play there. I have a problem with our new kitty, he has a spot where he keeps peeing in the hallway, I've cleaned it so many times. Even though no one else can smell it I believe it's just lingering there, maybe I'm getting a little over paranoid About the odour, but it's not good.


The best bit of the day was being able to attend a seminar in the city that evening. The seminar was about young Living essential oils and how they can majorly help improve health and well being in people. Our speaker explained how she got her autistic child totally off his hard core medications using various oils. If you want to more about them please email me or leave a comment and I will get back in touch with you. I was lucky enough to be able to bring home a bunch of freebies for my family to enjoy. I don't want to sound really cheesy but I love using the oils, they smell so good.

Friday was another crazy day just running back and forth with little time for myself. I had an appointment with an alternative kitchen designer but I'm not sure I was in love with her or the kitchens they had. The kitchens on display just lacked the attention to detail thing that the other place had. I'm fairly certain we've our minds made up in which design and which company we are going with. The tiler man is calling on Monday to measure up and talk us through getting the floors and walls done. By the time Friday evening came I was worn out and when the kids went to their club I stayed home rather than going out for our usual Friday night hot chocolate.

Saturday was good. This sounds a bit like 'Dear Diary' now so perhaps I won't do the whole day run down. I will just add that we had guests over for dinner and an evening of chat. It was a lovely evening and I have to say I was humbled by their generosity as they gave me flowers, brought a bottle of wine and two big bags of sweets for the children. There was absolutely no need to bring so much but I am grateful and appreciate that they took the time to think of us, it shows what great people they are.

Now if I can only stop the new cat from peeing on the hall carpet, life would be a little easier.




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