What Would You Do?

What would you do if you saw someone in the street crying? Not only that they are sobbing but someone grabbing their arm and twisting it up, then on top of that swearing at them. Then what would you do if the sobbing person was bring dragged along and was called f&cking stupid or something like that?


If you saw an adult being treated that way you would jump in and grab the offender allowing the sobbing person to escape. You would perhaps call the police and report a crime in progress, an assault in progress perhaps.


What if it was a child, what would you do? This happened in my view yesterday, my youngest daughter witnessed this too and was rather upset by what happened. She could not believe that a child was being subjected to this harm. The child in question previously had asked her mother if she could go to the bathroom. The mother was too engrossed in looking at some fashionable boots in the store and ignored her child's plea. Once again the child complained she needed the bathroom, the tears were flowing and it was becoming a little more urgent. The child was clearly dancing from foot to foot at this point. Now my experience of being a parent is that firstly young children do not have good bladder control, secondly they invariably leave it too late before requesting to go to the bathroom. However, judging by the innatentive mother's behaviour I doubt she would have checked if her child needed to use the bathroom in the last while. Eventually the mother snapped and grabbed the child by her arm, yanked it up and dragged her. The child's feet were barely touching the ground, she was sobbing and her mother was swearing at her. People were staring at the mother and commenting how rough she was, I saw someone turn after her but she went so fast I don't know what the out come was. It really troubled me as the little girl was clearly in distress.


As a parent to several children I appreciate there are frustrating moments when dealing with children. Children can be awkward at times, they can be naughty, they are demanding, time consuming, noisy and often messy. Children aren't perfect, but then again neither are parents. I recognise that a lot of negative behaviours in my children are associated with tiredness or hunger. So rather than losing the rag I say “hey guys, let's make some lunch” or whatever is appropriate. It isn't very often my children are truely naughty and those times are often dealt with reasoning, and certainly not violence.


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