A Storm

So we survived the hurricane. The winds were particularly bad most of the night last night, of course none of us got a good sleep because of the roar. There was debris everywhere this morning on the roads and around people's houses. We didn't fare too badly as we had pretty much secured everything last night before it all kicked off. The mainland was pretty much okay seemed they didn't get quite the same force of wind as we did, but still the dispruption to travel was pretty much widespread which had knock on effect all day.

So in short my day was okay…

Did I tell you my tumble dryer broke again? Well the guy came out again today to repair it and diagnosed the pump as faulty this time. Apparently the pump being faulty meant water was laying and then the fan was spreading it up to the heater which in turn was making it faulty (it has been replaced twice). It has only taken eight repairs or something like that, to be truthful I lost count.

We had a little drive about to see the effects of the weather this morning. Just by chance we ended up going round by the coast and came across an amazing sight. We saw 13 NATO minesweeper warships on a training excercise! Talk about surprise! Here's a little picture, but as the weather was wild and windy we couldn't get great photos with the waves and the rain.


Later in the day we headed into the city with my other half. He was doing a quick job for a customer so he offered to drop myself and three of the children at the shopping centre for a walk about. We had fun, the children went to Auntie Annie's for pretzels and I got my hair cut which was well over due. Didn't buy much else, some things from the chemist shop that were on offer but other than that nothing terribly exciting. We were welcomed home to a big pot of slow cooked chicken curry which went down well as we were all cold.



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