When Life Is A Hurricane

We are braced for a hurricane. Apparently the bad weather starts at 11pm but will peak near morning time for us. As we are coastal, I am of the understanding that it's going to be pretty bleak out there for a few hours. We tidied all the loose stuff away, secured the bins and weighted down the kids outdoor toys. The animals are all safe indoors out of harms way. I shall post photos of damage and debris tomorrow.

Life is like a hurricane at times, a big storm rushes through you and just leaves behind debris for you to sweep up. If you are lucky everything will just be a little battered and bruised, however sometimes you can get broken and take a long time to be mended. On that note I have mixed emotions today. I have spent a few months battling a depression which has ebbed and flowed depending on what is going on in my life. We lost our twins last September during pregnancy. It was extremely hard as we were braced to lose our boy but we ended up losing both babies who we names James and Victoria. Then we followed that with another pregnancy and loss, then nothing for months. Eventually we fell pregnant and yet again we lost that baby in July. We weren't ready for all the losses in succession, even the fact that we had previously lost babies back in 1999 & 2001, nothing prepares you for the shock and devastation. The last few weeks have been particularly hard for me as we are now having invasive testing done to see what is going on. Of course just to throw a spanner in the works I am having a little cancer scare, my biopsy is any time this week or next and that's all I can tell just now. I am living from day to day, hour by hour. And I don't think I have cancer for a moment, the chances are slim that I do but I still have that fear in me. So forgive me for rambling, if it helps to share I am sharing with the world just now. Surely I will feel better?


We had Sol at the dentist today to try fix up her tooth, she broke it a couple years ago and had it filled to make it full length again. Of course the filling wears through time and it becomes unsightly. Eventually she will have to have veneers fitted to her front teeth but not till she stops growing and everything has settled.





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