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Just a little update from us here in the bad cold weather. Yep, it's been lousy and lucky for us we have a hurricane heading our way, it's going to hit tomorrow night and rage

Just a little update from us here in the bad cold weather. Yep, it's been lousy and lucky for us we have a hurricane heading our way, it's going to hit tomorrow night and rage for 24 hours which will be fun. Hopefully it will have lost some if it's power by the time it gets to us but no doubt we will get some extreme weather.

So after the tumble dryer repair guy left on Friday I got stuck in with laundry. Set the dryer then walked off to find the washing wet and hot but not tumbling, I thought I was having a senior moment and reset the dryer and same again it stopped with the laundry still rather wet. So once again I've to wait for yet another repair guy, who is apparently the chief service engineer. Third call in a week, only the 7th repair in two years so not bad going. There's not many things in life makes me want to curse but this does happen to bring out the worst in me.

Friday night was fun, we got invited round to a friend's house to play a board game while all our kids were at youth club. We played Ticket To Ride, which was the first time I had ever heard of it let alone played it. My friends are from the USA so they have the American version, however you can get Europe, Africa and Asia boards to go with the game. I believe there's a few others too so you can let me know which they are if you like. We had a great night of chat and a glass of wine.

We are currently looking to replace the floors in our hallways and dining room as well as the kitchen floor, also we are looking for a new kitchen to complete all the major work to be done in our house. Outside the new kitchen then all that's left is decor, which, if you have been in my house, is long overdue. We have already purchased the paint for all the rooms bar the dining room, just finding the time to do it really is the big issue we have right now. We spent a few hours of that precious time looking round various showrooms yesterday, I think we've chosen what style of kitchen we want. The hard bit is getting the price then recovering from the shock, these things always end up costing 30% more than you originally anticipate.

The children were to the dentist also, the dentist commented that all the children had amazing teeth and that we've done. Great job ensuring that they have all looked after them, aside from Sol none needed any work. Sol broke one of her front teeth a couple of years ago, she walked into a pillar and her front tooth was more or less broken in half. I personally am still very upset over it, like a parent would be when their child has got permanent damage to their body. The tooth is now vey sensitive and the dentist said it might die and need a root canal procedure done. For now though it hurts Sol a lot, she has to have it built up with filling and that wears away purely by the nature of the front tooth being used all the time. She has to go tomorrow to get it filled again and at least for another while it will cosmetically better looking.


We went to church twice today, I enjoy Sundays as we get family time and we aren't going here and there for appointments etc. Part of the message was all about the sabbath and respecting it and enjoying a day to not work. Though modern living means that there's always plenty to be done and we came home from church only to smell that our new cat had urinated somewhere in the hall, so not working wasn't an option. My other half and I kids home this afternoon and snuck out for a coffee. Well he got coffee and I drank hot chocolate, the. We went for a browse around the shops nearby to the coffee shop. So we ended up coming home with four pairs of shoes and a pair of jeans. Three of the pairs of shoes were for Toni, her feet have grown so fast she's hardly anything to wear. She's also an adult size yet she's only 12 and ladies shoes just don't suit, so it's hard to get her anything to fit. We ended up spotting three pairs of very girly, fashionable shoes in her size on a clearance shelf. She tells me that SuperDry is the brand they all love (and I know it is), the SuperDry shoes were only £5 and look very comfortable on her feet. So alls well that ends well in that department, happy girl and brownie points for the parents.






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