The Eye Of The Storm?


Look at this weather! That big swirl in the middle is the storm which is battering us tonight, it is just wild out there. Cold, windy, almost sleety and certainly not enjoyable for the likes of you and me. There's only one place I will be later and that is in bed with my electric blanket switched on to maximum heat.

My day was punctuated in the middle by the arrival of the tumble dryer repair man. He was here ages and the suspected problem with my dryer turned out to be something more than anticipated. Pretty much a wasted day in my eyes but it turned out okay in the end as I got everything done that I was supposed to. The kids got their lessons completed, the kitchen floor was mopped and a very respectable meal was presented to the family at tea time so I know I cannot complain.

Today, October 15th is Pregnancy & Infant loss awareness day. I lit a beautiful and aptly named candle for my children who are not with me today. I prayed for all the bereaved parents out there, it's such a difficult day for many.



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