You Couldn’t Make It Up


Today is youngest son's birthday, Seb is 11, and very much loved by all his family. He had celebrated his birthday with friends on Saturday so all that was left was the actual gift opening. He did good, he got a fair amount of money from various people, headphones, a USB speaker for his music, marbles, puzzles and a few little niknaks. I am very appreciative it to all the people who took their time to remember his day.


The rest of the day wasn't so smooth, if anything it was more like a comedy show if you ask me. Started off when youngest Daughter Sol sat on the sofa and exclaimed that it was wet. First impressions was that someone has spilled a cup of tea on the sofa as there was rather a lot. On closer inspection I soon realised that the 'tea like liquid' was infact pee. Long story short but we have had a new cat for about 5 weeks so I have to assume he decided to leave his mark. I'm surprised as he always seemed so good until now, he uses his litter tray every day.

Here he is, we call him Dexter after the serial killer played by Michael C Hall. We got him because our 18 year old cat recently passed away and the children were just so sad she was gone.

After cleaning the pee up from my sofa which thankfully is leather so not so much damage was done, I was definately on a bad footing. I had to do three full loads of laundry because the baskets of clean washing We had brought in on Saturday smelled rank. The farmer was out spraying the fields with manure and although none came our way the smell was tremendous. I had rushed out to get my washing in but it was already too late, the clothes and towels all had a country aroma. In the absence of a working tumble dryer I held off till today to get them re-washed as the weather was breezy. It took a while but I got all the nice fresh laundry hanging out. Whilst I was out the front chatting with a friend we heard a crash, turned out my clothes line had fallen over and bent out of shape, leaving me with the issue of getting my clothes dry.
Just to add insult to injury while I was getting ready to start baking my eldest daughter came running in the house sobbing. My heart pounded and I jumped expecting Dexter the cat to be run over on the road or something. But no, we discovered the dog digging up the old cat's grave and had managed to pull bits of her fur & decomposing skin onto the grass, it was a pretty horrific sight for the children to see especially considering she's only been buried six weeks.
So as the day wore on I finally mustered up the enthusiasm to bake cup cakes for Seb's birthday tea. It took me forever as my heart wasn't in it, I didn't feel well or happy anymore after being pulled in every direction all morning.
These are my cupcakes, they tasted so good in the end made up for the unfortunate morning.
Cupcake Recipe
Makes 24, Preheat the oven to 190C or 375F
You will need
6 eggs, 300g (10oz) butter, 300g (10oz) sugar, 350g (12oz) self raising flour and 2 teaspoons vanilla essence
Beat all of the above in a bowl until it's light and creamy. Transfer into 24 cup cake cases and bake for approximately 18 minutes.
150g (5oz) butter, 250g (8oz) icing sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence and 2 teaspoons hot water (maybe more), also Colouring as desired
Beat all the frosting mix together in a bowl and decorate.



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