Friends Are Your Family

Today was a long day for all the right reasons. We are celebrating the youngest son's birthday today, couple days early as his birthday falls during the week. We went bowling with some lovely friends and their daughter. Anyway, they bowling place has this thing called xtreme bowling where there's ultraviolet lighting and a DJ. The DJ runs quizzes and competitions while playing some music from way back when I was young. My eldest son won a prize for 'Poser of the day', he's tall and slim and was wearing a Mario tee shirt. It was funny as the DJ picked on him the whole time we were there. The youngest son won some prizes which was nice as it was his special day. The eldest won tickets to go back again and a double CD of a female artist I forget the name of. We were with friends, their little girl won some stuff too. It was just fun. Afterwards we went out to eat then later we went for a walk to the adventure playground for the children to run off their energy.


Brings me to the point that your family cannot always be friends but your friends can be your family. Fostering good relationships with special friends is so important. In my case, I came from a broken home and when my mother died I lost contact with the family of my step father's side. It was kind of sad once but really doesn't trouble me any more. I told my children that we are at the very top of our family tree and that is special. My children have grown to realise that the friends we have are our family, they are the ones we call when we need someone. Our friends are there for birthdays and celebrations also at times of sadness. This past year we have suffered a lot of sadness, it is times like this when we realise who the 'keeper' friends are.


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