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Friday's are always a funny sort of day. It's kind of a nothing day for me as I end up doing lots of odds and ends of jobs in preparation for the weekend.

Doesn't help matters that my tumble dryer is on the blink again. Thankfully it's under warranty and this is the 5th time it needs to be repaired for the same issue. The warranty company mentioned today that they might write it off and give me a new dryer. Thank goodness, it's just awful dealing with a million wet clothes and trying to dry them in our wet climate. Did I say it rains almost every day here where I live? We did get a few weeks this summer where it was dry, but even in the summer that is extremely unusual weather. The grass is green here, the weeds grow fast, everything is luscious and plentiful.

Tomorrow should be a fun day to make up for Friday blah-ness, we have an afternoon of bowling planned. The bowling place we are going does the whole shebang with the DJ, darkened room and glow in the dark pins and bowls. It's for the youngest son's birthday treat and we will probably go get something to eat afterwards.

We were chatting tonight with a friend, who is also a minister, and he was talking about letting our emotions show. We talked about how you can cry when helping someone when they are sad and it not being about you. How it is important that people see empathy when they are going through troubled times. Often we hide our emotions because we are afraid that people think we are weak when the opposite is actually true. We are not weak to show our emotions, we need to let people see how we are really feeling inside in order to let them in to help us. Letting your emotions show takes strength and courage, being courageous will see us through the hard times in our lives. When people hide away those feeling, they are squashed down inside … a bit like packing your groceries into the trunk of your car, you will only get so much in till something spills out and makes a mess.





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