Cooking Up A Storm

Well, it's almost the end of another busy day behind the scenes on our new web store. I am really pleased with everything and how it's working out. We had a such big conflab today on how the shipping costs will work, I'm surprised we are all still on speaking terms. Our courier service charges us by weight and up to a kilo is a certain price then every kilo a little bit more on top of that. However the postage templates work per item rather than by weight, we had a good hour (or two if I am honest) trying to get it all figured out so it will work and charge customers correctly.

For a bit of light relief we got playing with a few of our products and made our already tried and tested lime shaving oil for the other half. It will work as a Father's Day present and I think there might be one or two more males on the team who are working on the website might get some too …. Shhhh.

We were actually thinking that as this shaving oil is so nice we might even sell it in our shop. Every ingredient is natural and there's no nasty chemicals, it's so pure you could actually eat it. Seriously though it's for shaving with not for pudding.


We all couldn't believe how delicious it looked while it was being made.


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