Kearney Village


Day out at Kearney Village, Co Down.

Kearney village is as pretty as ever, and probably our favourite place to go. If you ask about what is there, well there is nothing, that is the charm of the village.

A couple weeks ago we were having a heatwave, perfect for going down the coast. Of course the day we picked was overcast and heavy mist was down due to the heat. Anyway, we didn’t let the weather put us off after all it rains 95% of the time in our country so the mist was a piece of cake.

As the day wore on the mist lifted and it turned out pretty good. The kids paddled about in the water catching shrimps and crabs. We also decided to also to try take the dog of the lead properly for the first time. She did good and walked along the coast with us, filling us with confidence for the time she can be trusted to be off the lead at home.



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