Made It In One Piece

Well, it’s over. The surgery for Sol that is. All those years, all that worrying and it feels like strange that its finally done. Sol did great, she’s a little trooper. We arrived at 8 am and she was anaesthetised by 9am. The surgery lasted 90 minutes and it took Sol another hour to come round. There wasn’t a single tear, no complaining, the medical staff all commented on how she’s been the best behaved child they have operated on in a long time. 😀


Her eye looks surprisingly good, the white is red and sore looking but there isn’t the bruising that I was expecting. To be honest I am not sure what I expected, whatever it just went really smoothly. The orthoptic person said they are very happy with the results.

At the weekend, prior to Sol’s surgery we took a little trip into Bangor to the marina, and along to the splash park. Hardly weather for splashing but the children had fun all the same. It was nice to do something fun before Sol was in hospital, not knowing how long Sol would be laid up for instigated it too.

Oh, and totally off topic …

my apple trees have gorgeous blossoms right now.





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