Waves And Eyes On Me

Today was busy! Mags had an English exam to go sit in the city. We had to leave around 7:30am in order to beat the morning rush. I had been wondering the last few days what I would do with the other children while we hung around waiting for the exam to be over. There wasn’t enough time to drive home then go back up again, and there’s only so much time you can kill with three youngsters in tow. I decided to take them swimming. The pool I chose for them had a wave machine and it’s a lot of fun. We spent 90 minutes in the water, I swear we were all wrinkly when we got out. This was the first time they had experienced the wave machine and the children are now all very eager to go back again as soon as possible.


Apart from the fun stuff I’ve been having a few thoughtful moments this week. Sol has surgery next week to straighten her eyes. It’s been a long road. Sol has been left with a blind spot in the centre of her left eye and some other difficulties with her vision. So I was thinking, wondering if I was doing the right thing by permitting this surgery to go ahead. What if it goes wrong? What if her eyes turn out wards after the surgery, and that is one of the main risks that has meant it’s taken so long to make the decisions to operate. All this while I am a member of a forum which discusses such issues. The adults who had surgery often need further surgery, this scares me. But the biggest emotional tug of all are those who never had surgery, those people whose parents either didn’t push for it, or couldn’t afford it, or were simply too frightened like me … those people are the ones who have the regrets. I can’t imagine spending years hiding your eyes by dipping your head low or wearing your hair across your face – I do not want that for my daughter.

And as if someone spoke to me while I was having these thoughts I came across these photos of my little girl, these photos are the deal breaker for me. We have to try, at least give it our best shot. What do you think?



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