Continental Style

The continental market came to town. It was a lovely sunny day today so we decided to go and check it out. I only took Toni, Seb and Sol with me, we left the pup at home with my oldest child who is currently studying like a mad man for his exams. When we arrived in town and got out the car I just took one look at Sol. Well, it was funny but not funny at the same time … Sol was wearing a wrinkly old coat that I save for the garden for her. I made her take it off and go put it in the car, but of course then she was cold. We ended up going to the clothes store in search of something warm for her to wear. I started rummaging through the sale rails and found a cute little coat for her for only £7, so the pain was lessened.
We spent the next couple of hours just wandering about then I took the kids for lunch at the KFC. I cheated and bought them snack boxes instead of kids meals, they didn’t notice lucky for me.


Sol showing off her new jacket on the beach this afternoon.


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