New Addition To Our Family

We had been looking for one for a while. A dog that is. We had come across a particular dog lat year called Tasha, she was a four year old boxador and needed a home. She loved the kids and the kids loved her. Sadly is wasn’t to be and some other family took her. This, however, whetted our appetites and we had been looking ever since.
I told the family that there would be no puppies. Puppies poo and pee everywhere. Puppies chew. Puppies whine in the night. Definitely not a boy puppy as boy dogs lift their legs everywhere.
Anyway that’s what I said.
We saw several dogs over the months, none created that spark, none filled that gap in our lives. Until Easter Monday when we happened to stumble across a chocolate labrador with 11 puppies.
This dog had been given in to the local rescue centre, and they initially thought she was fat. They took her to the vet to get spayed. The vet had her under anaesthesia and realised she was pregnant! Long story short, the vet was concerned that the puppies would be reabsorbed or stillborn so took her home herself to look after this chocolate momma. A few weeks later this tubby chocolate labrador gave birth to 11 perfect, healthy black puppies. So after seeing the momma dog on Facebook we arrived at the animal shelter for doors opening on Easter Tuesday and was almost first in the queue to ask about the puppies. We arranged to go to the vets house to see them, which we did that very day. As I sat on the ground this little female pup came and put her paws on my knee. She then chased the children round in circles until she collapsed in a heap through happiness exhaustion. We had her microchipped to us on the spot, and a week or so later we brought her home.
A puppy! We called her Olivia. She’s a beaut and she doesn’t chew the furniture, nor does she pee and poop everywhere. I am training her, I have to if I want a good clean house, as I can’t get anyone else to do the job right.

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