Washed Away

The weather today is dreadful.  That statement is an understatement!  With much of the UK on flood warnings all I can say its pretty darn cold and wet.

We braved the rain yesterday, I needed to go to the bank to pay my wages in and Toni wanted to spend some of the money she received for her birthday.  When we arrived at the shopping precinct I sat in the car texting my friend, telling her I didn’t want to get out the car.  It was funny, she told me to send the kids instead.  I am glad we did the errands yesterday as today is no better.

When it is not raining, or windy, or cold and I am not working I would walk in the evenings. I know this doesn’t really make an interesting blog post but I wanted to share some of the sunset coastal photos that I have taken on my walks.  Just a little note though, the photos are mostly phone photos and are not top quality.

 This one is my favourite, just because I sat and watched the heron fishing for a while this particular evening.  That night whilst I was taking the photos there were bats swooping around me each time giving me a near miss as they followed the line of the harbour wall.

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